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Run into summer

Kids had a great run into summer this year. Even mom and dad decided to run the one mile with them.





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Tyler has been wanting to fly larger scale and balsa airplanes.  He recently applied and received his AMA License. I have been looking for a good trainer plane to purchase for the last 2 weeks.  With vacation coming up, we really don’t have extra spending money laying around.  We have been spending some time at the local flying field run by the DRCS and Tyler has been chewing the ears of the members off asking questions and getting a great reception by the members.

This last weekend, Tyler was talking to a member named Jerry who asked if Tyler had a plane yet.  After hearing his response, Jerry offered to give Tyler a starter plane that needed some work, Included servos and the engine for Free.

Nw it’s time to get a field box, fuel, starter and some other odds and ends and Tyler will be up and running with a Nitro plane in a few weeks.

A Big thanks to the guys at DRCS and especially Jerry for putting the biggest smile on my sons face I have seen in a long time.

Check out some of the field photos here from labor day.

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New Site

Not that we get many viewers, but I will be using this site for updating photos on the road and just speaking my mind.  I get to use my own website and not worry about offending some of the people on Facebook that are so easily offended.

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